About Us

About Us

DS Biomedical (DSB) has a proud history of servicing surgical and endoscopic equipment since its founding in 1994 by passionate Biomedical Engineer Dudley Smithers.

We continue to support Australian & NZ health facilities with a comprehensive suite of biomedical services and products, adapting to the evolving needs of clients and the exacting requirements of our health industry.

Specialised repair services include major brand rigid and flexible endoscopes, surgical cameras, instruments, accessories, and power tools for a range of specialties. DSB Service Centres are based in WA head office, Victoria, Queensland, and New Zealand. Our highly trained crew of biomedical technicians are supplemented by a network of experienced DSB Field Technicians and Product Specialists in all states. Our national operations are supported by dedicated Quality Assurance, Infection Control, Admin, and Customer Care teams.

DSB maintains current ISO 9001 certification of its Quality Management System for the sales, service, and repair of surgical/medical equipment. Customised software managed by our in-house IT department monitors all activity, tracking the status and QA of every repair, and providing instant reporting.

We are an Australian family-owned company, and the creed “Service with Integrity” has been proudly continued by the next generation. Through our sustained emphasis on quality, customer satisfaction, and value for money, we look forward to helping you improve department efficiencies and the standard of service available to your patients.